Thursday, December 25, 2008

Jun Takahashi Live Doll Operation

I know my blog may seem like an advertisement feed for Undercover but I swear I simply just think Takahashi is a brilliant man! So… if you’ve got a free 7 minutes, please check out this video of him constructing – live on stage – one of his Grace dolls, from start to finish! :)

enjoy! xoxo

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Limi Feu Opens Shop in Paris

My beloved Ms. Yamamoto has fully integrated into the Paris world, after a few seasons of showing her collection there, by opening a retail shop inside of her showroom venue. For nine months of the year it will be a shop and for the rest of the time, will serve as a lovely showroom. I really adore the whole vision of this; the entry way is so beautiful and apparently leads you to a courtyard filled with plants and then onto her showroom. The fuchsia is used so brilliantly, how it leads the eye to the shop itself… and then the inside space is so clean and precise. The chairs and table in the center is really adorable as well. I can’t wait to visit!

For anyone in the area who would like to stop by and support Limi, the address is as follows:
13, rue de Turbigo 75002 Paris (Metro: Etienne Marcel)
Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 7pm

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Raf Simons Spring 2002

Mr. Simons has had such an impressive run thus far, in hindsight, even if I was unsure of where he was headed at a few points… and I just thought I’d give credit where credit was due. I like that he’s always taken chances. I also like that his new work looks nothing like this collection above – despite the fact that I love it. I enjoy the progression of his work over the years and seeing the nods at his former self along the way.

To speak on this collection in particular, I really think the styling clearly lent a hand and a half to how well received this show was – however, I don’t think that detracts from the collection’s actually integrity. There is a wonderful range of pieces shown and the collection has some great aspects. People marvel at the political commentary he depicted here, but I sort of disagree. While I’m actually fine with the pieces aesthetically – I don’t think the intention is so novel, and some of his other collections have a MUCH higher level of political influence – they’re simply just not as literal. All in all, I really liked this collection; the fabrics are really nice, the construction is great and I love the fit of these pieces.

He's definitely one of the most important and underrated designers of our era, and though I'm not sure where he's headed sometimes with some of his newer stuff, he'll always have a special place in my heart.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Aski Kataski Spring 2009

How magical is this collection and presentation? I am just in love with it. Last season, I loved the collection as well; it’s always beautiful, though, due to the nature of the aesthetic in general. However, this season’s look book is particularly a delight because unlike last season, these ones are in color. I think the color palette of the clothing really needs to be seen to grasp the full concept. The colors are warm, inviting and so complimentary to the look of the clothes. As far as textures go, these pieces are a dream. Layered or on their own, each garment is rich enough in every aspect to be a stand-out piece on it’s own… yet you can endlessly layer the pieces of this collection and it wouldn’t look overdone. It’s just beautiful overall, there isn’t a bad word to say, really. Collections which are highly themed but not gimmicky aren’t easy to accomplish but I think Aski does it so well. There is such a whimsical overtone to the clothing and when that’s pulled off in a beautiful way, it is a great thing.

The styling is fairly minimal yet it does an effective job at showcasing the clothes. But I think because the garments individually possess so much life within them that that was really the best route. There is something to be said for the fabrics used and also the construction of them; it shows much thought, integrity and is so well edited – nothing is remotely lover the top. I love the way the denim is integrated into the otherwise very organic and earthy palette.

Friday, December 12, 2008

sacai Spring 2009

I am pretty delighted with this collection, although most of it is not my cup of tea as far as my personal style goes. It is, however, right up my alley in terms of all that it accomplishes and for it’s uniqueness. An astounding amount of designers have jumped on the colorful bandwagon recently, which is great in some cases… not so much in others. Anyhow, I think more people could take a cue or two from a collection like this. It is fun, it is light in mood, it is bright and lovely – but it is simple, it doesn’t take itself too seriously and there are a glorious amount of details to be enchanted by.

The humble draping and thoughtful cuts are two of the most prominent aspects of the collection, along with the slightly understated but wonderfully complimentary and charming color palette. I really like the play at asymmetry without going entirely serve… it gives an overall soft edge type of feeling. The pieces are beautiful on their own but also are a dream if you’re someone who loves to layer, like I do.

As far as the materials go, that may be one of my favorite parts of this. While they may not be the most luxurious or high end, I can really appreciate the mix of textures and different variations going on; I think it all enhances well the overall theme.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Nicolas Andreas Taralis Menswear Spring 2009

If you checked out the scoute interview on Mr. Taralis, you read mention of a much anticipated S/S 09 collection from the man. Well, some photos have surfaced… and here they are!

This collection is exciting for me because I think he really has done a great job at showcasing who he is as a designer, with it. Smart and very current clothing for the humbly stylish man – but with enough impressive details to really make it all something special. The sheer blazer and trench? Oh god, I am so in love. Not only are they beautifully constructed garments but a man in a conservative garment that happens to be sheer… that is so lovely. Aside from the sheer pieces, the clothing is just solid from every aspect. Unfortunately this isn’t the kind of menswear I personally can wear because it is too masculine – which is actually a great thing, and refreshing at this point – but I admire every bit of it none the less.

One thing in particular that I admire about Taralis is his dedication to staying “in the now” and designing for the present time. Heaven knows I love a good vintage or futuristic inspired collection but let’s face it… there is something to be said for someone who completely has their own vision and can accomplish a completely current collection, themes and gimmicks aside, and that’s something he can do very well.

If I wasn’t already, these images leave me in utter anticipation of his forthcoming women’s line! I really can’t wait to see what he’ll bring forth. The good thing is we’ve only until March to find out. The time has almost arrived.

Yohji Yamamoto Spring 2003

One of my favorite collections, this Spring 2003 offering of his was definitely one to remember. As he often does, this collection is a bit of a culmination of past techniques (and retrospectively speaking – future ones too) but it is still pretty stand-out, in my opinion. It is really refined and incredibly directional. I always seem to fall for his very narrowly conceptual collections over the varied ones, I’ve noticed, although they’re all delicious.

First of all, I love collars… and this collection has all sorts and they’re either perfectly understated or brilliantly – and in the most effortless of manners – exaggerated. The overall silhouette is a comfortable one but, much like Spring 2009, has a ton of femininity sprinkled throughout the androgynous feel. Another thing I enjoy about this collection is the use of transparency as it’s very subtle yet makes it’s presence in really lovely places; he’s always quite good at the voluminous transparency but I think the way it’s used in an understated manner here is really nice.

As is no surprise, I also am a huge fan of the styling here, and think some of Tao’s collections are rather reminiscent of it. It’s very clean and straight-forward in it’s presentation, as his shows usually are. I really like the understated but ‘pretty’ aspects of it. The pink lipstick and loose finger wave styling of the hair paired with vintage-inspired headpieces really bring it all full circle.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Artwork featured on Supreme's blog

A couple of weeks ago, the lovely people at Supreme Model Management featured some of my older paintings on their blog. It is an honor for me as Supreme is by far my most respected modeling agency and I fully support and believe in their vision of striking, unconventional beauty. It’s more than flattering to get this opportunity from people who I admire the work of. If you want to check the few pieces they selected to feature in the submission, then just click the image above. :)

Thanks so much to the awesome people @ Supreme, best agency <3


scoute. || December 2008

The December issue of, one of the publications I contribute to, is now available! This time I just picked some of the ‘Hers’ gift ideas in the Spend section. The issue itself is nothing short of fantastic, however.

It features not one but two major interviews with a couple of designers, who have both got their own respective cult followings. Damir Doma is a newer name in the industry, so the interview is a good chance to get better acquainted with the likes of him. The other interview is a true treat, as it is with Nicolas Andreas Taralis, who is hands-down one of the best in menswear (and beyond!) who’s currently in the game. The interview also talks about his upcoming Spring 2009 line, from which only a couple of sort of ambiguous photos have surfaced thus far. Definitely lots of exciting info to be found in this issue.

Be on the look out for the next issue in which there will be an interview with the ever-so-coveted Maurizio Amadei. :)
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