Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dries Van Noten Fall 2010 Paris

While Dries is a master at mixing prints, combining unusual patterns and materials, all the while accomplishing it in such an effortless manner - what I really love is when he strips down to his basics like this, which he hasn't done in quite a few years. Sometimes I feel the busyness of his recent collections really overshadowed the core of what makes him just so good; it's the proportions, the ease, the deceptively simple pieces... all of which are cut to absolute perfection and topped off with the perfect detailing accessories and styling. To say I'd love to own and wear most of this is a total understatement... it's just gorgeous.


10101010100 said...

i loved this collection too! you can tell that every single piece has been thought-over and perfected, he is amazing

inaya said...

hi dear :D

So true... it's just so confident and on point. I love it too.

all the best

ladywimsey said...

when I grow up I want to be a dries van noten woman! I think confident is totally the right word for it - it actually reminds me a bit of the 70s into 80s when it seemed like (unless I'm deluding myself) women were actually being sold something I would consider to be adult & confident rather than the trashy skanky immaturity being forced upon us at every turn

inaya said...

I agree completely! It is totally void of any cheap trend or gratuitous sex appeal. Just amazing clothes :D