Saturday, March 6, 2010

TAO Fall 2010 Paris

Tao is such a gem, not only within the CdG universe but in her own right entirely. Her style is very derivative, very Japanese but her signature design traits are so distinct that they speak so loudly, making her work instantly recognizable. In this collection, she does an amazing job at showcasing her unique abilities, such as the restrictive gathering, the skewed proportions and the unapologetic clash of colors, patterns and materials. Each piece of hers is so incredibly thoughtful and is a world of interest in and of itself and especially because of that, I am loving the runway styling; the heavy layering and general unusuality of the combinations just reinforce how powerful and fearless her vision is. I have such admiration and respect for her talent and always look forward to seeing what she'll grace us with, and couldn't be more thrilled by all of the beauty she's graced us with this season.


PrincessImp. said...

If I ever get my hands on a piece of Tao, I swear I'll spend the whole day figuring out how the entire piece is constructed!

inaya said...

You should... and you will do that! On the pieces I have of hers, the construction is just as exciting as what's visible to others. On one dress I have she uses electric blue elastic on the insides, which is totally unrelated to the garment but it's those little secret gifts from the designers that I love to discover as well :D

Hope you're doing well, dear... always love to hear from you.