Saturday, March 6, 2010

Junya Watanabe Fall 2010 Paris

Highly reminiscent of his Fall 2006 showing, Junya delivers another military-inspired collection, which is packed with one of the things he does best: outerwear. While FW06 was much more aggressive and rougher around the edges, it seems Junya took a much more polished and less amplified approach. The pieces are practical but still embody a ton of interest due to his mind-blowing construction skills and overall detailing. Junya's talent for creating jackets which are simultaneously flattering, appealing and functional is uncanny and it's nice that it's the focal point of this season. In addition to the outerwear, the skirts can't go unmentioned, as the range of shapes and lengths is fantastic. Aside from the furry Ugg boots which are obviously not pictured here, and the Jersey Shore tans, I really enjoy this collection. It's not the most magical or outrageous presentation we've seen from him but there's no denying that the clothing is beautiful and impressive, as always.


Mathieu said...

ugh! Watanabe's womenswear is so good, i always want to try and wear it!

P.S. i was sad to find yoru website disappeared, but glad to find you still have a blog. :)

inaya said...

Do it! everyone should wear Junya's womenswear!! ;)

Glad to find you again too. <3


PrincessImp. said...

I thought of his F/W 06 collection too the moment I saw the pictures. I much prefer the jackets from his 06 collection thought but there's no denying the beauty of his collection as well.
Junya's fall collections are always a pleasure to view!

inaya said...

^ I agree, love! FW06 was so exciting and rebellious... this one is like the politically correct version haha.