Monday, March 29, 2010

fur fur Fall 2010

Fur fur is always so lovely and so nice to see. Although I personally really liked the presentation from last season, it was obvious that it really put a lot of people off from actually seeing how good her individual pieces are so this season it's great to see them highlighted a bit. As usual, her construction is totally amazing; each piece looks like a dream within itself. The headpieces are so adorable as well and are the icing on the tiered and gathered cake that is the entire collection. Her style is derivative without a doubt but she injects so much uniqueness and consistency within it that it becomes her own type of magic each time.


PrincessImp. said...

You are right about her style coming across as derived, but damn I still want me some Fur Fur!
(wait that sounded a bit sleazy didn't it...??? o-O)

10101010100 said...

i love fur fur! i can only see the collections in parts through various magazines, where do you find it online?