Friday, March 5, 2010

I was looking back through some of Richard Serra's sculptures recently and noticed immediately that they reminded me of something I'd seen since the last time I'd looked... the bracelets from Rick Owens S/S 10 collection. They are nearly identical in shape and structure to Serra's works, particularly the one pictured above. I can't be positive that Rick intentionally derived inspiration from Serra but if so, I definitely think he did well at translating and conveying the structures into a wearable medium. And if not, it's an interesting and striking comparison, none the less.


Stray said...

Yes It does look very similar! But i think Rick's influence is literally that of an open French shirt cuff. Fantastic piece of accessory though!

monstermovie said...

a really interesting find, a lot of rick's shoes and jackets are derived from solid structures and he has done a really amazing job imo. (i love your blog <3)

inaya said...

aww love <3