Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rick Owens Fall 2010 Paris

My favorite kind of Rick is the old school, pre-Paris Rick, when his work was very raw and unapologetic... so, needless to say, I am loving this collection. It's so fun to see him make a dive back into his old graphic, severe style that gained him so much notoriety initially. This collection's look is so primal; like lemur priestesses, who would also kick your ass in a dark alley. I could do without the tights and some other things but I appreciate them because it reinforces the shameless confidence that the collection gives off as a whole. The fur pieces are nothing short of gorgeous and I really like the effect of the adorned pieces as well... and it pretty much goes without saying that the outerwear he shows here is, always has been and always will be amazing.


In-tree-gue said...

Rick is so good at sending us on a whirwind with his aesthetic reformation. One season he's doing the fins and high collars and then he takes a minimalist turn and now he opts for a very raw, primal look. His fur work is incredible(and probably costs something horrifying)and i need those gloves. I thought this was an interesting evolution based off of the mens collection which also had that primal edge. The gold wasn't my favorite.

inaya said...

I'd say the gold and tights are my only complaints as well. Otherwise I just love it! Each time I look it grows on me more... can't wait to see the pieces in person.


Mathieu said...

i loved that the eye make up was practically taken right off Karen Balck's face (sans glitter).
I always find it strangely comforting when designers never lose sight of original references/inspirations.

inaya said...

Same here, I really respect designers who don't abandon their roots... I love that Rick is always so true to himself and his original inspirations.