Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Antonio Marras Fall 2010 Milan

A journey through textural landscapes, layer upon layer of luxe materials, embellishments and accessories, Marras' collection is definitely a favorite of the season thus far. His work always oozes such a rich sensibility but with so much depth and the right amount of a quirk factor that it is almost impossible not to covet his pieces and to be in awe of the overall styling and presence. The styling is just utter perfection; the contrast of fabrics, silhouettes and accessories are perfect enhancements to a beautiful collection.


MADISON thing said...

I agree with you his ability to "style" is incredible and genius!
Lovely post, thanks!

♥ MADISON thing

softgrey said...

yummy stuff...x

ladywimsey said...

this has me drooling over the idea of fall when spring isn't even really here yet! :)