Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Limi Feu Fall 2010 Paris

Definitely one of my favorite collections from Limi since she transitioned to Paris a couple of years back, it is filled with masterful, playful, feminine yet severe and just plain covetable pieces. It's hard to ignore the Ann Demeulemeester influence on many of the looks, even down to the styling and similar hats... perhaps a homage of sorts? I'm not sure the intention, but the result is total perfection. Limi's style is always progressing and adapting but her voice is always so strong no matter the theme she's after. The feminine touch that she breathes into the bold silhouettes she cuts, always strikes such an admirable balance, creating an air of simultaneous severity and ease.

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ladywimsey said...

severity and ease might just perfectly describe what I'm most attracted to!